Cocolalla Lake Bible Camp

What to Bring:

Bible, notebook and pen, Sleeping bag and pillow, Clothes, Summer wear (no tank tops), Modest swimsuit, Spending money for snack bar, missionary offering, or t-shirt, Personal Articles: towel, soap, toothbrush, etc. Tennis Shoes, *Sandals*Sandals must have a secure heel strap. Two pairs of tennis shoes are highly recommended.  Flip-flops may only be worn to the bathhouse and beach.

What NOT to Bring:

Electronics, Tank tops, Controlled Substances: tobacco, alcohol, drugs, lighters, matches, or other incendiary devices,  Weapons: knives, guns, etc.

Cocolalla Lake Bible Camp

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Cocolalla, iD 83813


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Our Mission

The ministries of Cocolalla Lake Bible Camp are devoted to preaching the Gospel of Christ to people of all ages and to making disciples of Jesus Christ.


Cocolalla Lake Bible Camp is dedicated to providing a God-centered environment for Biblical teaching, evangelism, and missions.

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